Del Canto Chambers Turnkey Project Management Approach

The goal of any international legal or tax transaction, no matter how large or small, is its successful completion on time, on budget, in conformance with the desired requirements. Managing cross-border legal and tax projects becomes increasingly complex as the size, scope and duration increases. Del Canto Chambers offers a Turnkey Project Management Approach.

Del Canto Chambers Turnkey Project Management Approach

For complex international projects, Del Canto Chambers offers you a Turnkey Project Management approach with a full-service support solution, including decision-making protocols and timelines.  The partner in the original engagement stays involved throughout the work to ensure you experience a seamless service. That connection provides consistency and intimate client knowledge, expertise and proactive advisory services.

We have worked on a variety of legal and tax projects in Spain, Middle East and Latin America, advising European and American companies, and our turnkey project management approach allows us to incorporate multiple local partners to ensure a successful implementation.

This holistic turnkey project management approach:

  • facilitates effective coordination between different parties and jurisdictions
  • provides planning, monitoring and updates to strategically accommodate any changes and mitigate risk
  • enables a consistent and efficient approach from initial execution through to completion
  • ensures that projects are delivered on time and budget
Turnkey Project Management Approach

As members of The Leading Edge Alliance, we work with local auditing firms assisting with tax audits and general compliance. We work collaboratively with LEA Global firms, with a strong focus on client service.

International Case Study

  • Diario AS – a joint venture to create the leading sports media outlet in the Arabic language world.
  • Jani-King – advised Jani-King, the biggest franchise company in the world, on structuring its European franchise operations.
  • Huffington Post – Advising Huffington Post on a joint venture with the Integral Media Group to launch HuffPost Arabi.
  • Grupo PRISA – advised Grupo PRISA on securing and negotiating a capital investment of £100m from Qatar
  • SOCIMI – advised an international client on a SOCIMI acquisition of the Plaza España building in Madrid.
  • Sunseekers – advised British company Sunseeker International on the restructuring of their Mediterranean operations.

How we can help

Our proven Turnkey Project Management Approach enables the successful management of international projects with multiple local country partners, helping you navigate complexities until the project is completed. To find out how we can ensure your international transaction goes smoothly and successfully, please contact us.