Spanish Tax deadlines are not extended

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The #coronavirus crisis requires constant monitoring of our tax obligations, both in England and Spain. In Spain, despite the situation, the Council of Ministers, in its meeting yesterday, did not approve extensions to the Spanish Tax Deadlines.

The European Court of Justice ruling on IRPH Spanish mortgage loan clauses opens a new window of opportunity for borrowers to claim against their banks in Spain

The court handed down judgment on 3 March 2020, granting consumers affected by the index reference for mortgage loans (IRPH) a new chance to claim against Spanish banks. An alternative to Euribor, the IRPH is a mortgage indicator for interest… 

The Parliament of Andalusia approves a Decree to legalise 300,000 illegal properties in the Andalusian Community

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The Andalusian Regional Government approves a Decree to put an end to over 300,000 properties that were built outside the urban land legislation. The objectives according to a Government source is to regularise properties in illegal situation, giving them a…