Spanish Tax & Legal Advice

As the spanish firm in London, Del Canto Chambers offers first-rate Spanish Tax & Legal Advice to clients interested in Spain.

Our team provides comprehensive Spanish Tax & Legal advice from simple conveyance and tax residence to holding companies and SOCIMI.

Spanish tax legal services

Property Tax in Spain

Our Spanish property Tax & Legal services are provided by our London-based team. We offer first-rate tax and legal advice to clients interested in purchasing and selling properties in Spain. Del Canto Chambers is the only London based set of chambers specialised in Spain with double tax qualified lawyers.


Spanish International Holding Company (ETVE)

The Spanish International Investment Company (ETVE), are extremely tax efficient international investments structures in Latin America, using Spain and its international double tax treaty network.


power of attourney

Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney (PoA) is a legal document to appoint trusted individuals (‘Attorneys’) to make important decisions on your behalf. In Spain is not uncommon for international clients to grant PoA to legal firms. However, there are some issues to be considered in doing so.


spanish wills

Spanish Wills & Inheritance Tax

Spanish wills and inheritance tax must be considered together, meaning a Spanish will must be drafted while considering your inheritance from a tax and legal perspective. Whether you have a single Spanish will or two (one in England and one in Spain), you must reconsider your inheritance tax and legal position.


Spanish Income Tax & Residency

The Spanish income tax & residency system is different from the UK or USA systems which are based on citizenship or domicile. The concept of tax domicile, as understood in the English tax system, does not exist in Spain. In Spain, all income or gains obtained anywhere in the world are taxable in Spain for Spanish residents, even if they have not been remitted to Spain.


Spanish Tax Inspections & Investigations

Spanish tax inspections and investigations into foreign property owners are not an exception anymore. We have therefore strengthened our tax investigations team to deal with the increase in the number of tax disputes over the last few years.


The Golden Visa Spain

The Golden Visa is a residence permit for real estate investment that gives its holder the right to live and work in Spain. Since 2013, the Spanish government gives it to citizens of non-European Union countries.


The Beckham rule

The general income tax regime in Spain defines taxable income and gains for Spanish residents on worldwide bases.


Family Office Services

At Del Canto Chambers we offer a specialised team of knowledgeable lawyers able to advise clients in the UK and Spain: we are the Spanish law firm in London.


Ultimate Beneficial Owner

Del Canto Chambers is the Spanish firm in London and as such, the main point of contact for clients in the UK with business interests in Spain.