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Due Diligence

Extensive and expert due diligence with knowledge of the local market is essential to the success of an M&A transaction. Del Canto Chambers’s Due Diligence team is highly experienced in ensuring strategic transactions are in your best interests.

Our in-depth understanding of business dynamics in key industries in Spain allows us to offer advice on all the transactional aspects, including the  Spanish and EU M&A implications and all necessary tax & legal advice. In addition, we will be a trusted advisor to your in-house legal team to ensure the deal is robustly scrutinised and any identified risks reported throughout the due diligence process.

The Del Canto Chambers comprehensive Due Diligence Report meets ISO 9001 standards. It includes Corporate & Governance, Sarbanes-Oxley and Financial regulations, Financials and Tax compliance, Intellectual Property, Data Protection and Privacy Laws, IT, Employment, Property, Pending Litigation, tax and regulatory inspections, Insurance, Government regulations and all other regulatory matters, as related to the deal.

Del Canto Chambers Due Diligence Process

Our Due Diligence Team includes a Project Management team in addition to Corporate, IP, Data Protection, Tax and litigation lawyers, and HR and Financial experts. Most team members are legally qualified in two or more jurisdictions and speak fluent English, Spanish and Catalan.

Below are the five main steps of our due diligence process:

  1. We take the time to understand your business objectives for the M&A so that we can focus our work and final report on any specific risks to your commercial ambitions.
  2. We scope the project and create a comprehensive checklist of the documents required from both sides of the transaction on all the relevant areas to be analysed and coordinate who is accountable for each element of due diligence. We will decide on the Virtual Data Room policies and procedures.
  3. We evaluate all the documents and information provided to identify anomalies, potential risks, infringements, and red flags. In addition, we typically include an on-site inspection visit and in-depth meetings at the director and shareholders level, if applicable.
  4. The findings of the due diligence are reported regularly, as in many cases, they will influence the outcomes of the transaction.
  5. Once the Due Diligence is completed, the results are compiled in a Final Due Diligence Report outlining all of the checks undertaken, summarising any current or potential issues that warrant attention, outlining those parts of the business that are in good health, and including our conclusions and recommendations on whether:
    • The business represents a good investment
    • Our due diligence team is unable to make an informed recommendation unless certain undisclosed information is made available to us
    • The deal should be abandoned based on issues encountered during due diligence.

Successful Due Diligence Projects

Del Canto Chambers has completed several due diligence for business acquisitions, commercial and residential properties in Spain, including the following ones between €150-400 million per acquisition:

  • A media group listed in the Spanish Stock Exchange
  • A listed SOCIMI or Property Holding Company
  • A top Football Club in the Spanish Liga under NYSE standards in a deal worth $350 million.
  • In a $400 million acquisition of a Spanish electric car manufacturer, we undertook the due diligence under US Stock Market regulations and Spanish law regulating the target company.

How can we help

Del Canto Chambers assist clients in structuring a wide range of transactions, from:

Our team understands the complexities of international tax, commercial, and regulatory law and will meticulously examine every transaction detail. As a result, you can be confident that when you close the deal, no unpleasant surprises await.

A Del Canto partner will stay involved throughout the work to ensure you experience a seamless service. This connection provides both consistency and intimate knowledge of your business and the ability to be proactive in our advice and representation. We will also help you navigate the transactional process by coordinating the professionals involved.

Diario AS

A joint venture formed to create the leading sports media outlet in the Arabic language world.


Advised an international client on a SOCIMI acquisition of the Plaza España building in Madrid.


Advised Jani-King, the world’s biggest franchise company, on structuring its European franchise operations.


Advised the British company Sunseeker International on the restructuring of their Mediterranean operations.

Huffington Post

Advised Huffington Post on a joint venture with the Integral Media Group to launch HuffPost Arabi.


Advised on the acquisition of two Spanish companies using a Luxemburg structure.


Advised Grupo PRISA on securing and negotiating a capital investment of £100m from Qatar.

Due Diligence and Corporate Law Experts

Why choose Del Canto Chambers?

Del Canto Chambers provides dual-qualified, multi-lingual tax lawyers, who have worked on over 500 cases throughout Europe, the Middle East, Latin America and Asia, making us the counsel of choice for London-based and international clients, corporations, solicitors and tax advisers.

Major Cases

Corporate Cases
We have worked on several corporate cases including some of the worlds leading companies in media, luxury boats, football clubs, NGOs, investments and much more


Let us guide you on our services for corporate

Del Canto Chambers specialists are constantly up to date with new legislative changes and aware of any Spanish tax and legal implications. Contact our Spanish legal and tax specialists to find out the best tax planning and corporate structures in your circumstances.

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