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Data Protection Law

Data protection is an integral part of any business. The global regulatory landscape for data is continually evolving and businesses face a challenging environment in which to navigate compliance. Without confidence in how data is being used, it is difficult for a business to realise the full value of its data assets.

Compliance With Data Protection

Del Canto Chambers provides a range of data protection advisory services tailored to suit a company’s needs. From advising on data protection compliance processes, assisting in the response to data subject access requests, to ad hoc advice on particular data and privacy issues. We can also provide representative services in Europe and the United Kingdom. Our experience in Intellectual Property lends itself to advising on the overlap between data protection compliance and rights that companies may have in data, such as database rights, copyright and trade secrets.

The General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (‘GDPR’) came into force in May 2018 and introduced a stricter regime than that which had previously existed. It gives data supervisory authorities the ability to levy substantial fines on companies for infringements: up to 4% of annual global turnover or £17.5 million (€20 million), whichever is the greater.

The United Kingdom (UK) has now left the European Union. Whilst the GDPR has been incorporated into UK law through the European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018, there will inevitably be changes in data protection compliance over time. The Trade and Cooperation Agreement includes a 6-month reprieve on data transfers to the UK whilst the European Commission considers the UK’s application for adequacy. Depending on the outcome, businesses may need to re-evaluate the international flows of their data to make sure they are legally valid.

GDPR Advice

Del Canto Chambers advises on all aspects of compliance with the GDPR, UK GDPR and other privacy laws.

For example we:

  • Advise on data collection, data use and compliance with the relevant legislation
  • Review and assess existing procedures to ensure they are up-to-date with the current regulatory approach
  • Review and advise on privacy notices, procedures, contracts and documentation
  • Advise on international data transfers
  • Provide tailored ‘data protection by design and default’ advice and guidance in relation to new products, services or data processes
  • Advise on data subject access requests and data subject rights
  • Evaluate data breach response policies
  • Review and advise on data protection impact assessments and legitimate interest assessments
  • Provide/Assist in finding a representative to satisfy Article 27 of the UK GDPR/GDPR.

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