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Charity Law

Del Canto Chambers has significant expertise in Charity Law, helping our charity clients navigate the unique legal, tax and regulatory requirements of the charity sector. We offer advice to Foundations, Non-Governmental Organisations and Charities in Spain and the UK, as well as to the companies and private individuals involved.

Charity Law

Legal advice for charities is a very specialised area of law as charities face a unique range of legal, regulatory, governance and tax issues. We represent foundations, charities and non-profit organisations, either with a common or special tax regime, across all areas, including religious entities.

Foundations provide certain tax benefits that make them a popular choice when thinking about setting up a non-profit organisation. We assist with the design and formation of foundations, tax and legal implications ensuring its correct operation and compliance with all formal requirements. Some companies might suggest collaborating with non-Government organisations (NGOs), to optimise existing tax incentives.

Areas we can provide legal and tax assistance to charities and non-profit organisations in the UK and Spain include:

  • Identifying the best legal structure and formation
  • Constitution, registration and closing down of charities and Spanish foundations
  • Advising on legal and tax not-for-profit regimes in the UK and Spain
  • Providing guidance on operations and governance to trustees and management
  • Helping to liaise with key regulators and ensure compliance

How can we help?

Our team of charity tax experts and lawyers are dual-qualified in the UK and in Spain, and are able to assist charity and non-profit clients on compliance at all stages of their development. Del Canto Chambers takes care of all necessary legal and tax services, focusing on complying with the required steps in order to benefit from the special tax regime that non-profit organisations are entitled to. Contact us to see how we can help.