Litigation & Arbitration

Dealing with international disputes can be complex, with different jurisdictions and legal systems involved.
At Del Canto Chambers, our expert international litigation lawyers represent clients from a wide range of countries in respect of both dispute resolution and legal representation in court cases.

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Litigation & Arbitration:

Arbitration is a method used to solve a dispute when the parties do not wish to go to court and have agreed to this in a legally binding contract. Arbitration is an international dispute resolution method that is consensual, neutral, binding and enforceable.

Our team has a depth of experience and understanding of worldwide legal systems, with particular expertise in dealing with legal issues in the UK and Spain.

Our lawyers include dual-qualified and multi-lingual individuals who offer exceptional international advice and representation. We are able to work not only within the legal systems of overseas nations, but also taking into account the culture and traditions involved, meaning our service is truly international.

Our aim is for our clients to simplify matters, reduce costs, maintain their wealth and help it steadily increase.


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