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The Democratic Memory Law:

A pathway to Spanish Residency

The Democratic Memory Law (Ley 20/2022, de 19 de septiembre, de Memoria Democrática) offers descendants of Spanish citizens and International Brigade Volunteers’ descendants the opportunity to obtain Spanish nationality. This legislation aims to protect the citizenship rights of those affected by the Spanish Civil War and the Franco dictatorship by enabling them to reclaim their Spanish nationality. Rooted in principles of justice and reparations, it seeks to address the injustices suffered by both victims and their descendants.

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Building upon the 2007 Historical Memory Law (Ley 52/2007, de 26 de diciembre), which aimed to acknowledge the rights of victims of the Franco dictatorship, the Democratic Memory Law expands eligibility to second-generation descendants. During the Spanish Civil War and Franco’s regime, over 500,000 Spaniards sought refuge abroad, primarily in France and various Latin American nations. The 2007 law allowed first-generation descendants of these expatriates to acquire Spanish passports. Now, after 17 years, the Democratic Memory Law extends this provision to second-generation descendants.

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The Democratic Memory Law outlines several scenarios for granting Spanish nationality:

The Democratic Memory Law and International Brigade Volunteers

Article 33 of the Democratic Memory Law grants Spanish nationality to volunteer members of the International Brigades, acknowledging exceptional circumstances for their acquisition of Spanish nationality. It states: “For Article 21.1 of the Civil Code, exceptional circumstances are understood to exist in the volunteer members of the International Brigades who participated in the War from 1936 to 1939 for the acquisition of Spanish nationality by naturalisation, with the requirement of renunciation of their previous nationality required in Article 23.b) of the Civil Code not applying to them. Likewise, it will be understood that the same circumstances exist in the descendants of the brigadistas who demonstrate a continued work of disseminating the memory of their ancestors and the defence of democracy in Spain.”

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