Spanish Litigation

Del Canto Chambers; The London based chambers who can represent you in Spain

If you are an individual, solicitor, accountant or financial adviser who needs expertise in Spanish law, Del Canto chambers have dual-qualified members operating from our offices in London, Barcelona, Madrid and Ibiza who can help.

Spanish litigation

Our team comprises English speaking Spanish dispute resolution lawyers, experts in their own jurisdiction, who can provide a seamless transition between the English and Spanish systems.

Our dispute resolution practice is dedicated to the resolution of complex cases and/or international disputes resolution, representing clients in litigation and arbitration,

Our client range is highly diversified, ranging from multinational, foreign and local corporations, through mercantile and investment banks or hedge funds to medium-sized businesses, and private individuals.

If your case involves any assets or investments in Spain, we can conduct identification of the options available, guide you through the process and help you avoid any potential pitfalls. We can also provide advice on preparing for Brexit such as the impact on assets situated within the EU.

Major international law firms, including foreign firms with Madrid or Barcelona offices that have no court experience in Spain, regularly ask us to defend the interests of their clients before the Spanish and EU courts.

Dispute resolution practice areas

A strong litigation team that can represent clients before Spanish domestic and EU courts (including the Supreme Court and the Court of Justice of the European Union), international and domestic arbitration. We coordinate proceedings in more than one jurisdiction.

Spanish Court Cases

If you are looking for representation or legal advice that could end up in court and need litigation in Spanish, having worked on over 500 cases globally our team of lawyers are qualified to assist you in London and Spain and can advise you on your chances of success and the possible value of the claim.

We can assess the risks, costs, procedures and advise on the best strategies when dealing with the judicial system in Spain. If there is a cross-border element our dual-qualified lawyers will be able to advise on the regulation and associated implications. Areas we advise on include:

Commercial Litigation

Our Commercial Litigation practice has represented clients in virtually every type of business and commercial dispute. We routinely assist our clients with pre-emptive advice on potentially contentious aspects of major corporate and commercial transactions. Our clients often seek aggressive, trial-ready advocates who will demonstrate both the client’s legal resolve and its readiness to pursue its legal remedies through a trial.

International Arbitration

We are well versed in arbitration and related court proceedings, such as jurisdiction challenges, freezing orders and the enforcement of arbitral awards. Our expertise in the international field is reflected in the wide variety of clients for whom we act including airlines, ship owners, gas and oil companies, traders and entrepreneurs. We never lose sight of the commercial realities, consequences, the pressures and priorities that our clients have to face every day.

Commercial Disputes

We provide specialist advice on all commercial matters ranging from construction and engineering disputes to Intellectual Property, acting for a diverse client base of clients on a broad range of disputes.

Banking & Finance Disputes

Del Canto Chambers’ lawyers are also specialized in claims from professional investors and medium and large companies against financial institutions. Our clients include banks, funds, wealth managers, private equity funds and other financial institutions, as well as high net-worth individuals.

Ordinary Appeals and Cassation

Our litigation lawyers provide advice and act at all stages of the litigation, including ordinary appeals against decisions by the first instance courts. We are specialists in the preparation of appeals before the superior courts and the Spanish Supreme Court.

Judgements and Awards Enforcement

We are frequently requested to appear before the courts to enforce English judgments and decisions in Spain. Enforcing a court decision before Spanish courts involve new proceedings requesting the reimbursement of a sum of money, the right to have an action carried out or not carried out, or that a recognised right be fulfilled by registration in the relevant public registry, depending on the order.

Tax disputes

We have vast experience litigating with the Spanish Tax office, so are well-placed to advise you on how to use litigation tactics to bring a prompt resolution to your dispute, including settling open investigations.

How can we help you with Spanish Litigation?

Our team comprises English speaking Spanish dispute resolution lawyers, experts in their own jurisdiction, who can provide a seamless transition between the English and Spanish systems.

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