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Spanish Lawyers

León Fernando del Canto is the first Spanish citizen to hold a double qualification as a barrister in England and Spanish Abogado.

Top Spanish Lawyers, London UK

Our English-speaking Spanish lawyers work from our offices in mainland Spain, Ibiza, London and Ireland.

Del Canto Chambers is a leading London Barristers Chambers specialising in Spanish Law, Tax & Legal Advice. Our dual-qualified, multilingual lawyers specialise in international law and tax and have worked on over 500 cases globally. Our team of Tax and Legal advisers deal promptly with requests, ensure full compliance with Spanish regulations and can provide tax and legal services that encompass all the requirements your family or business may need.

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Spanish Law Experts

Spanish Law Experts are recommended as legal and tax issues are often complicated and this can be exacerbated when dealing with foreign lawyers and tax advisers  in countries like Spain. Language barriers, misunderstanding of legal processes and tax systems etc can lead to stress and costly mistakes.

Del Canto Chambers can help you overcome these issues as we have dual-qualified abogados and solicitors in both Spain and the UK who provide comprehensive legal and tax services for British and international clients with interests in Spain.

Working together seamlessly as a team our lawyers in Madrid, Ibiza and London can assist you on a wide range of issues from buying or selling property in Spain, obtaining Spanish residence, setting up a business or investing in Spain, liaising with Spanish tax officials and drafting Wills and Powers of Attorney that are compliant with both the UK and Spanish legal systems.

Our Spanish Legal Services include:

    • Purchasing or selling properties in Spain and related legal and tax matters
    • Spanish Bank Claims and mortgage help
    • Advising on Spanish income / property tax and Spanish tax inspections and investigations
    • Spanish residence rules including the Spanish Golden Visa and Beckham law
    • Drafting Spanish Wills and Powers of Attorney
    • Advising on Spanish and cross-border inheritance tax planning and resolving disputes
    • Advising on the best corporate structures available and on doing business/investing in Spain
    • Setting up Spanish Holding Companies (ETVE)
    • Investing in SOCIMI (Sociedades Anónimas Cotizadas de Inversión Inmobiliaria) which are similar to a Real Estate Investment Trust in the UK
    • Advising on compliance with the Spanish UBO Register
    • Dealing with litigation and resolving disputes in Spain

Why choose Del Canto Chambers?

Del Canto Chambers provides dual-qualified, multi-lingual tax lawyers, who have worked on over 500 cases throughout Europe, the Middle East, Latin America and Asia, making us the counsel of choice for London-based and international clients, corporations, solicitors and tax advisers.

Major Cases

Corporate Cases
We have worked on several corporate cases including some of the worlds leading companies in media, luxury boats, football clubs, NGOs, investments and much more


Let us guide you on our services

Del Canto Chambers specialists are constantly up to date with new legislative changes and aware of any Spanish tax and legal implications. Contact our Spanish legal and tax specialists to find out the best tax planning and corporate structures in your circumstances.

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