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Feedback & Complaints Procedure


We welcome feedback on all aspects of our service (both Counsel and Clerking). Positive feedback is always nice but should you (or our client) be dissatisfied with our service and need to raise a concern or make a complaint, you should first refer the matter to us by calling our clerking team anytime to (+44 020 7043 0648) or by email to It is our aim, upon receipt of feedback, concern or a complaint to deal with it quickly and efficiently.

Please note that this complaint procedure applies to legal services provided to our clients in the UK.

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Formal Complaints Procedure:

  • In the event that we fail to meet your expectations, we would like to hear from you. Should you raise a complaint with us, you must follow this procedure:
  • You can raise a complaint in writing:
    • By email to; or 
    • By letter at our main office, as follows:
      • UK Office – London, Thanet House, 231-232 Strand, WC2R 1DA, London. Addressed to our Head of Chambers, Mr Leon Fernando Del Canto who will contact you initially to confirm what attempts have been made to deal with your complaint and the outcome of this process. Having confirmed that the matter was unsuccessfully resolved informally the formal complaint will be entered into the formal complaints procedure.
  • We should acknowledge receipt of your complaint within 24 hours of this having been received in our email system or physically received in our office. 
  • At the time of being received, we will provide you with an estimated time or date by which we will hope to be able to fully respond to your formal complaint. 
  • If your complaint is escalated or this needs to be investigated at a later stage, we must let you know the timescale your complaint takes to be resolved and the authorised person who reviews your complaint. Your formal complaint will be fully investigated, considered and appropriately dealt with by the complaints manager who is Leon Fernando Del Canto. In any case, we shall attempt where possible to have provided a full response to any formal complaint within 28 days of it being communicated to us.
  • Any data collected during the complaint investigation will be handled with the utmost confidentiality and disclosed internally for the purposes of investigating the complaint, internal review and improving our quality services to comply with our regulator’s rules and requirements.
  • We retain documents and records relating to every aspect of the services we have provided. Our internal systems and case management software provides a real-time audit trail of actions and communications. We will ensure all documents and data relating to any complaint are kept confidential and only disclosed so far as is necessary for: 
  • the investigation and resolution of the complaint.
  • internal review for the purposes of improving our practice. 
  • complying with requests from the Bar Standards Board in the exercise of its monitoring and or auditing functions.
  • The disclosure of internal documents relating to the handling of the complaint, such as the minutes of a meeting held to discuss a particular complaint to the Bar Standards Board for the further resolution or investigation of the complaint, is not a requirement.
  • A record will be kept of each complaint, all steps taken in response to it and the outcome of the complaint, together with a copy of all correspondence, including electronic mail, and all other documents generated in response to the complaint. For further information, please click here
  • These documents shall be kept for a minimum period of 6 years following the conclusion of each complaint process.

Complaint to the Legal Ombudsman

  • We hope that you are happy with the professional services provided and we find a solution to your complaint but if you are dissatisfied with the service, and we fail to deal with your complaint and satisfaction, you can contact the Legal Ombudsman (LeO) directly.
  • The Legal Ombudsman (LeO) is a free, impartial and independent service set up by the Government which deals with complaints about the service you have received.
  • The Legal Ombudsman’s details are as follows:

Time Limits to complain to the Legal Ombudsman

  • Please note that you must complain to the Ombudsman within six months of receiving a final response to your complaint from the relevant expert or from the Chambers (provided the response specifically notifies you or your right to complain to the Ombudsman and of the six-month time limit).
  • A complaint to the Ombudsman must also be made before the end of six years after the relevant act or omission, or three years from the date that you should reasonably have known there were grounds for complaint (if the act / omission took place before the 6 October 2010 or was more than six years ago).

For further details about how to make a complaint to the Legal Ombudsman, including guidance about the new scheme rules that came into effect on 1 February 2013:

  • A complete guide to the new scheme rules that came into effect on 1 February 2013 can be found on the Legal Ombudsman’s website at:

  • Frequently Asked Questions concerning the new Legal Ombudsman and how this Organisation resolves complaints can be found on the website:

  • Frequently Asked Questions concerning the new Legal Ombudsman can also be found in its website:

  • For more information and guidance on how Barristers should handle complaints, please check the Bar Standard Board:

Registration at the Bar Standard Board

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