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Corporate Transformation & Reorganisation

Often, after a period of expansion or acquisition, organisations may find that they need to review and restructure their international operations ,in order to maintain efficient corporate structures. This is against a backdrop of global market challenges and a constantly changing regulatory landscape. Our team are experienced in advising complex multinational corporations on their business transformation plans, taking into account their legal structure, taxation and financial requirements in various jurisdictions.

A strategic approach to corporate transformation

Our team are experienced in conducting strategic international reviews and understand the market and business dynamics in key industries. We know the right questions to ask and can support management during this period of commercial transformation and change.  

It is important from the outset to understand the driving forces behind a corporate reorganisation or consolidation, which could include a number of commercial motivations:

  • Improve performance –improve performance through operational efficiency, improved operating profits and reduced overheads. 
  • Remove Excess capacity – a focus on quality rather than quantity leading to consolidation and/or divestments of part of the business.
  • Consolidation – if an organisation has a fragmented or complex corporate structure it may decide to simplify and consolidate its branches, subsidiaries and assets to achieve economies of scale.

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Restructuring and Rationalisation

Del Canto’s cross-border teams advise on and help corporate clients to achieve their business needs through restructuring and rationalisation. This includes reviewing corporate structures, integrating post mergers and acquisitions, as well as carve-outs required for a disposal. Our combined commercial tax and legal expertise means we help create effective organisational strategies and can add valuable support to corporates putting transformational plans into place.

Our teams are highly experienced in advising on all aspects of strategic corporate reorganisations and their legal and tax implications, having worked on large multinational projects throughout the world.  

We can:

  • Help define the strategic reasoning behind reorganisation or consolidations
  • Develop a strategic road map to delivery
  • Advise on regulation, legal directives and standards to improve the structure
  • Look at the financial and tax implications
  • Help put initiatives into place and ensure a smooth completion

Corporate Transformation Lawyers and Tax specialists

Our lawyers and tax specialists have a wide range of multi-jurisdictional corporate expertise and can help establish a restructure and consolidation strategy that focuses on numerous elements, including analysis and prioritisation of potential opportunities and risks, identification of the important legal and tax implications, and an execution roadmap through the process.

Examples of some of the corporate transactions we have worked on include:

  • Advising British company Sunseeker International on the restructuring of their Mediterranean operations.
  • Advising Taylor Woodrow (later known as Taylor Wimpy) on the restructuring of their Spanish operations.

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Del Canto Chambers provides dual-qualified, multi-lingual tax lawyers, who have worked on over 500 cases throughout Europe, the Middle East, Latin America and Asia, making us the counsel of choice for London-based and international clients, corporations, solicitors and tax advisers.

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