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Case Study; SunSeeker

Del Canto Chambers advised British company Sunseeker International on the restructuring of their Mediterranean operations.

SunSeeker Case Study

The Commercial Driver

After a period of growth and investment in Europe, Sunseeker International, a British luxury performance motor yacht brand, wished to consolidate its branches, subsidiaries and assets, within the Mediterranean territories of Mallorca, Costa del Sol and Gibraltar.

How Del Canto Chambers delivered value

León Fernando Del Canto’s dual UK and Spanish legal expertise, helped him effectively advise Sunseeker on how the group should approach these important territories and achieve economies of scale across its operations. He advised on regulation, legal directives and standards to improve the group’s structure.

The Result

Sunseeker international successfully rationalised its distribution, sales and services operations in Europe, achieving optimal operational performance, capital efficiency and targeted tax savings. The firm saw substantial growth in gross margins and retained profit.