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Del Canto Chambers is an international tax & legal firm and the only London chambers specialised in Spain. Founded in Spain in 1983, its London offices opened in 2006. Regularly featured in professional media, we have represented more than 500 cases internationally.

London High Court. Tax & Legal services. Strand 218

Del Canto Chambers focus on Spanish property, tax & legal, makes us the Counsel of choice for direct access clients, solicitors and tax advisers in London. Please call us to visit our offices and discuss your concerns.

We work with private clients, their families and businesses since 1983 with more than 500 tax & legal and some high-profile international cases. Del Canto Chambers international tax and legal expertise, in addition to Spain, is recognised in the areas of intellectual property, corporate restructuring, arbitration and Charity Law in the European Union and Arab speaking countries.

Del Canto Chambers’ professionals are double qualified tax lawyers. We are regulated by the Bar Standards Board in England and the Madrid Bar in Spain. We act in other jurisdictions around the world.

Please, contact us to discuss a cost-effective tax and legal solution for your case. From planning up to litigation, we act in all Courts in England and Spain and are always available to offer you a reasonable tax & legal solution.

Please call our offices anytime at +44 207 043 0648

Why Choose Us

  • Dual qualified English and Spanish barrister
  • Our legal work is completed to English standards
  • Dual qualified in Spain and the UK as tax advisers

Del Canto Chambers is the only London based set of chambers specialised in Spain. Our lawyers are qualified to practice in England and Spain and hold a tax qualification. A 35 years history with over 500 international cases solved. Please see major cases here.

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