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Del Canto chambers

International Law, Tax & Legal Services

Barristers of England and Wales provide specialist advocacy and legal advisory services of the highest quality to clients around the world

spanish tax and legal representation

Spanish Tax
& Legal

Our Spanish legal experts can guide you from simple property conveyancing through to the best tax planning and corporate structures available.
We have extensive experience working with our clients’ advisers to maximise protection and tax efficiency at home, whilst ensuring compliance with all tax obligations and legislation in Spain.

internation corporate


Our corporate lawyers offer strategic legal and tax advice on international corporate transactions, helping parties to achieve their commercial objectives. Our clients benefit from a proven turnkey cross border solution and a team that provide both technical excellence and commercial skills across a full range of corporate and commercial legal and tax matters.

international dispute resolution

International Dispute

We can help you resolve any international disputes that may arise. Experienced in the complexities involved in cross-border litigation, we advise large corporates, SMEs and individuals during mediation, alternative dispute methods, arbitration or as counsel in Court. Our approach provides fast and effective dispute resolution across a number of jurisdictions.

International Tax and Legal advice


We believe that having a deep understanding of our clients’ markets, challenges and objectives are key to delivering excellent legal and tax advice. Our expertise across such sectors as Media, Sport and Entertainment, Franchises and Charities, allows us to utilise our embedded market knowledge, making us commercially aware of the issues that could affect our clients.

Country Specialisms

We provide globally-minded legal and tax expertise. Our ability to provide in-house, country-specific legal expertise is something that few UK-based law firms can offer. Our lawyers have a genuine appreciation and understanding of the culture and traditions of the countries they specialise in, which needs to be considered as part of the professional advice they provide.

International Law, Tax & Legal Advice

Regularly featured in top media titles as cross-border tax and legal experts, we have represented over 500 private clients and companies on high-profile and complex international legal and tax cases across the globe. 

Our legal and taxation specialists understand the importance of providing an excellent and effective service, clear communication, speedy response times, and above all, helping you navigate international complexities to a successful conclusion.

How to instruct us

Members of Del Canto Chambers can accept instructions from:

  • lawyers on behalf of their clients
  • licensed corporate in-house counsel
  • directly by accountants under the Licensed Access scheme
  • the public direct under the Public Access Scheme

We have a reputation for advising international and offshore clients and are happy to work in co-operation with legal professionals in all parts of the world.

If you would like us to act for you, simply contact us so we can discuss your case, understand the issues and suggest the best way forward. Based on these discussions, and the information you are able to provide us, we will give you our honest opinion on the issues involved, the likelihood of success for any disputes, estimated times scales and a transparent fee quotation before we start.

Why Choose Us

  • Multi-lingual barristers and tax advisors 
  • Dual-qualified in the UK and in Spain
  • Full-service legal expertise from individual taxation to international corporate matters
  • Proven turnkey solutions for cross border transactions
  • In-country expertise in Europe, Latin America and the Middle East

What Clients Say

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To make a no-obligation enquiry, please either call us now on: +44 2070 430648

or complete our online form on our contact page, which after receipt we will come back to you within 24 hours.