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The Golden Visa Spain

Moving to Spain with a Spanish Golden Visa

The Spanish Golden Visa is a way to achieve Spanish residency by investing € 500,000 in real estate or qualified financial investments, intended to attract entrepreneurs to Spain, promoting inbound investments in real estate and other qualifying financial assets.

If you are considering Spanish citizenship by investment Del Canto Chambers can help with:

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Spanish Citizenship by Investment

The Golden Visa in Spain is a good first step towards the Spanish permanent residence as well as travel in the Schengen area. A Spanish Residency permit gives you access to all “Schengen” countries, including: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Switzerland

Spain’s Golden Visa Requirements

Spanish Golden Visa investments can be made in:

Are you eligible for residency via a Spanish Golden Visa?

In order to obtain a Spanish Residency permit by means of the Spanish Golden Visa scheme, you must be using at least €500,000 of your own funds for your investment to start with, however, above that threshold there is no limit to debt financing, for instance with a mortgage in Spain.

It is important to keep in mind that, in order to apply for the Spanish Golden Visa, the total amount of funds needed will rise approximately another 13% in taxes and legal fees, in order to be able to make the investment.

Alternatives to acquiring property are:

  • Buying Stock shares of a Spanish Company; in this case the amount rises to 1.000.000€ or more
  • Depositing 1.000.000€ or more in a Spanish financial company
  • Acquiring Spanish Treasury Bonds worth 2.000.000€ or more
  • Investing in business projects if you can prove that the business will have a positive effect in job creation, or make a social or economic impact, or represents a significant contribution to scientific and/or technological innovation

Other Spanish Golden Visa Conditions:

How Del Canto Chambers can help you obtain the Spanish Golden Visa

Del Canto Chambers offers a turnkey project management approach to facilitate the Spanish Golden Visa application process, including decision-making protocols and timelines, and can manage the whole project. We have supported many international entrepreneurs, investors and high-net-worth individuals to move to Spain, investing or obtaining a second residency or citizenship.
Del Canto Chambers assists clients in:

Our approach enables us to coordinate the different professionals involved, integrating your existing advisers and other partners to ensure a successful transaction. A partner-led service, your contact at Del Canto Chambers will stay involved throughout the transaction, to ensure consistency, an in-depth knowledge of your priorities and a seamless service. 

One application includes residence permits for your immediate family members, namely a spouse or partner; children who are minors; or those of legal age who, being financially dependent on the holder, have not formed a family unit for themselves and the parents whose care they’re in.

If you are considering investment via the Golden Visa in Spain you need to be very careful about the investments you select as the property market and stock and shares are particularly volatile during the current crisis. Our Spanish Golden Visa legal and tax specialists can give you advice on the realistic value of investments, maximise protection and tax efficiency, whilst ensuring compliance with all tax obligations and legislation in Spain.


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Del Canto Chambers specialists are constantly up to date with new legislative changes and aware of any Spanish tax and legal implications. Contact our Spanish legal and tax specialists to find out the best tax planning and corporate structures in your circumstances.


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