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International Private Clients

Our legal and tax specialists provide advice to international private clients with multi-jurisdictional interests, including estate planning and wealth structuring, wills and powers of attorney, domestic and international tax, and residential property.

International private clients

Our client base includes high net worth individuals and their families, often spanning several generations, from a wide number of jurisdictions including continental Europe, the Middle East, and Latin America. Such families and individuals with assets in multiple jurisdictions require specialised advice on the structuring of their affairs as failure to do so can lead to excessive tax on their estates and/ or penalties if they don’t meet their legal obligations.

Understanding family finances requires not only knowing our clients well and identifying their objectives, but also the nature of the investment and current market conditions. This is crucial to implementing the best possible strategy to achieving your tax and legal needs.

Our legal and tax specialists have a multi-jurisdictional understanding of leading issues and a commitment to exceptional client service. There is a large cross-border element to our work and we are accustomed to working with clients’ other advisors in these jurisdictions, often as the orchestrators.

Global Private Client services

The Del Canto team provides our private clients direct access to tax and legal professionals who specialise in helping clients structure their domestic and international affairs in a legally sound and tax-efficient manner. Our goal is to ensure clients’ cross-border wealth is structured effectively for long-term preservation and in compliance with the demands of regulators.

  • Wills and Inheritance Tax – of particular importance if you have overseas property or investments and wish to ensure you are in control of whom benefits from your legacy and mitigate tax on assets.
  • Power of Attorney – to appoint trusted individuals to manage your property, business or investments and make important decisions on your behalf.
  • Property – specialist legal and tax advice to ensure a smooth and cost-effective transaction.
  • Tax strategy – to ensure your worldwide affairs are as organised and tax-efficient as possible
  • Expats Tax Regimes – advice in which regimes may affect your world wide income.
  • Tax residency – advice as to whether you are classed as tax resident or non-resident and implication this has on the amount of tax you are liable to pay.
  • Visas – including ‘The Golden Visa’ that gives you access to all Schengen countries.
  • Income tax – advice on income generated from overseas properties or investments to ensure you pay the appropriate tax.
  • Tax inspections – advice if you are part of a tax investigation regarding overseas property or assets.

How can we help

We build confidential, discrete and long-lasting relationships with private clients and over the years have developed strong bonds with our clients and their families. Our international legal and tax specialists ensure our clients get the best tax advice no matter where they live or invest. You benefit from our relationship-driven culture and collaborative mindset.

Del Canto Chambers collaborate with local auditing firms assisting with tax audits and general compliance which means you can feel assured that the advice given is indicative of a global mind-set.

Get in touch

Contact our international private client team to see how we can help you structure your affairs tax efficiently whilst complying with your legal obligations in multiple jurisdictions.