Spanish Representation

Spanish Tax & Legal representation is a fundamental service for private clients and their families. Our team of tax and legal advisers deal promptly with requests and ensures full compliance with Spanish tax and legal regulations.

Spanish Tax & Legal representation is crucial to keep investments and businesses fully compliant with tax & legal regulations in Spain

Spanish Tax & Legal Representation

We provide tax and legal representation and advice to private individuals and their families. In addition, we organise and advise on all other arrangements relating to your property, investments or businesses in Spain.

Tax is a very personal matter and families need to rest assured they are receiving the most appropriate advice on a confidential basis. Building long-lasting relationships with clients based on trust takes years. Over the years we have developed strong bonds with our clients and their families and in many cases we are serving two generations.

Understanding family investments requires not only knowing our clients very well and identifying their objectives, but also the nature of the investment and current market conditions. This is crucial to implementing the best possible strategy to suit your Spanish tax and legal needs.

When representing clients, we help you stay up-to-date with your tax affairs while we navigate the increasingly complex nature of tax legislation to protect your family’s wealth.

Our London-based tax lawyers are qualified in both Spain and the UK. We also have immediate access to expertise in other countries through our Leading Edge Alliance network.

Our aim is for our clients to maintain their wealth and help it steadily increase. Del Canto Chambers´ team is well-positioned to handle these matters discreetly.

Our main areas within this practice include tax law; inheritance planning; and commercial, financial and investment asset planning. We can also assist you in the areas of real estate and construction.

Having worked on over 500 cases globally, we are well-versed in guiding your family through simple conveyancing matters to identifying the best corporate structures available, whilst ensuring all tax and legal requirements are adhered to.

One of the key advantages of having Del Canto Chambers as your legal advisor is that we are always completely up to date with relevant tax implications. We have experience on the ground and unique insight that not many firms can offer.

We work with a wide variety of clients who invest in commercial and residential properties, including companies and private individuals.

We assist private clients and their families with the efficient management of their real estate investments, providing up-to-date legal and tax advice, helping to reduce otherwise elevated costs by simplifying all dealings.

We also work for foundations and family offices throughout Europe, the Americas and the Middle East.

Our team has strong experience and excellent resourcing capacity, enabling us to handle deals quickly and efficiently.

What can Del Canto Chambers offer?

  • Personalised service
  • Access to double qualified English and Spanish lawyers
  • Tax and legal services under the same roof
  • Local insight
  • Independent advice
  • An integrated approach
  • High confidentiality and exclusivity
  • Coordination of family interests and needs
  • Financial and succession planning