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SOCIMI: Real Estate Investment Companies

SOCIMI: Real Estate Investment Companies

SOCIMI: Real Estate Investment Companies

The tax advantages offered by the #Socimi make these companies a safe investment vehicle in Spain, sponsored by the improvement of the real estate market in our country.

The #SOCIMI or Listed Companies of Real Estate Investment are Spanish companies listed on the Alternative Stock Market (MaB) to manage real estate anywhere in the world. SOCIMI must have the legal form of Sociedad Anónima with a minimum share capital of 5 million euros fully disbursed.

The stock exchange expects the incorporation of more than 35 socimis in 2017 while the amount of its real estate assets will exceed 5,500 million euros. The MaB and the continuous market will welcome this type of companies, more specialized by sectors.

In addition to one of the most dynamic real estate investment vehicles, SOCIMIS offers one of the most efficient, fiscally speaking, asset structures in Europe.

Initially regulated by Law 11/2009, they were reformed with Law 16/2012 and its great attraction consists of a taxation at a rate of 0% tax, being subject only the dividends distributed, depending on the place of fiscal residence of the shareholder and Being in many cases exempt if the shareholder is another company resident in the European Union and, in any other case, they are subject to what determine the Treaties of Double Imposition with Spain.

In addition to properties in Spain, SOCIMI can have real estate properties anywhere in the world, and may have up to 20% of their investment portfolio in non-real estate assets, although to that percentage different tax rules apply.

If the appeal of the legislation on socimis in Spain we add that the Spanish real estate market is recovering from the brick crisis and is offering new opportunities (especially in the Andalusian Costa del Sol), these types of companies become a safe way To invest in Spain.

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