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The Spanish Embassy in the UK will resolve Spanish residents’ Brexit’s doubts

The Spanish Embassy in the UK will resolve Spanish residents’ Brexit’s doubts

The Spanish Embassy in the UK will resolve Spanish residents’ Brexit’s doubts

The Spanish Embassy in the United Kingdom has opened a single window to resolve the Spanish residents’ doubts about residence permits in the UK due to  Brexit.

The Spanish Embassy in the UK has communicated  through the web, the 4 questions that most concern the Spanish residents after the Brexit referendum last June 24, which are:

“1.- I am a Spanish citizen living in a British town. Should I apply for my UK Residence Card or should I wait for it?

2.- I have Spanish nationality and I have lived in a British city for years,  although I have not submitted my Residence application yet and I would like to do it now. What requirements are needed?

3.- Through third parties, I have been received a document where people interested in certifying our right to live in the United Kingdom are supposed to fill in, with fees payable. The link to this document leads to a web page of the British government which seems legitime. Is it true that we must complete this document?

4.- Although I now live in Spain, I worked in the United Kingdom. During that time I was included in a private pension scheme from my British employer. Now with Brexit, I would like to transfer my money to Spain.. What systems are supported?

These issues reflect  that the British departure of the European Union has created uncertainty among Spanish citizens living in the United Kingdom, especially in relation to Certificates of Permanent Residence.

Regarding Spanish citizens residing in the United Kingdom, about 132,000 officially,  the Spanish Embassy in London recently decided to open a virtual one-stop procedure to inform on questions and doubts that affect Spanish residents in Brexit matters.

Since the activation of Brexit on March 29, the Embassy has received about 250 queries from Spanish residents in the United Kingdom. As previously mentioned, three out of four are about the requirements for the Residency Card. These questions are by far, are the most demanded to date, however, it is not the only issue that concerns Spanish citizens.

In addition, the Embassy advises Spaniards that before applying for the permanent residence card, the Spanish authorities should gather all the necessary documents and that they should take into account that there has been no change in the legislation in force until the United Kingdom leaves the EU. This gives a margin of up to two years, March 30, 2019.

At the moment, as stated by the embassy, ​​in order to be entitled to this card, the minimum requirement is to reside in the country for at least 5 years with absences not exceeding six months per year and to have the status of qualified person, which is divided In four categories: worker, self-employed, student and job seeker.

Once all these requirements have been fulfilled, a certificate of registration can be completed and a fee paid in order to prove legal residence in the United Kingdom. The Embassy recalls that this document does not affect the entry or exit of the country for those who do not have it, but it does advise that they have a valid passport or ID.

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