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Del Canto Chambers has been awarded with the Charter for Fairness 2024 by the Chancery Bar Association

Del Canto Chambers has been awarded with the Charter for Fairness 2024 by the Chancery Bar Association

Del Canto Chambers awarded with the Charter for Fairness. Established in 1935, the Chancery Bar Association stands as the oldest specialized bar association, boasting a membership exceeding 1300 barristers. Specializing in Chancery law, their expertise spans various realms including real property, landlord and tenant matters, as well as intricate aspects like property holding structures such as companies, partnerships, and trusts. With a commitment to excellence, knowledge, and meticulous attention to detail, the Chancery Bar offers profound legal insights covering finance, business, and property law.

Members of the Chancery Bar Association provide specialized advice and top-tier advocacy across courts and tribunals in England and Wales, as well as internationally. Regularly appearing in the Chancery Division of the High Court and other courts, they also excel in county courts, tribunals, arbitrations, and mediations. Additionally, many members serve as arbitrators and mediators.

Furthermore, the Equality & Diversity subcommittee actively furthers the Bar Standards Board’s policies, engages in initiatives by the Inns of Court and other SBAs, and spearheads their own diversity and equality programs. Their efforts include promoting the Charter of Fairness, and encouraging all chambers, regardless of size or specialization, to implement policies fostering equal advancement opportunities for all members.

Del Canto Chambers is a leading London Barristers Chambers specialising in Law, Tax & Legal Advice. Our dual-qualified, multilingual lawyers specialise in international law and tax and have worked on over 500 cases globally.

Anglo-Spanish law firm. Represented via offices in Spain (Barcelona, Ibiza, Galicia, Madrid, Mallorca, Marbella & London). Our Clients are from all over the world, but with a focus on UK/Spain.

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In accordance to the Bar Standards Board, we hereby inform you that you may contact us for a quotation.