A new ‘digital nomad’ visa for Spain is in the works: Is it the answer to your visa woes, and what are the tax implications?

Could the new digital nomad visa in Spain be the answer for UK and other non-EEA professionals who wish to live and work in Spain? If so, what would be the tax consequences of this new nomadism? We look at the visa’s rules and assess its conditions.

The Spanish parliament is discussing new legislation loosely known as the ‘Start-up Law”. It aims to make life easier for entrepreneurs, investors and the so-called digital nomads in Spain.

Should the law go through parliament – and at Del Canto Chambers, we’re confident it has a high chance of success – it will open the doors for non-EEA nationals, including Brits, who currently struggle to get a visa to work in Spain.

“British nationals face huge obstacles to live and work in Spain after Brexit,” said León Fernando del Canto, Head of Chambers at Del Canto Chambers. “We’ve welcomed this proposed legislation wholeheartedly as we believe it will facilitate paperwork considerably and most of all, allow British professionals to work in Spain again.”

Read the full article, publishes in Spanish Property Insight, here

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