key points to consider in your divorce litigation strategy.

Why expert international counsel takes away the overwhelm if your marriage falls apart in Spain

If you’re one of the many foreign couples living in Spain and have decided to separate, taking counsel from an expert in international divorce can make all the difference. In this article, we look at why and the key points to consider in your divorce litigation strategy.

As one of the top relocation destinations in the world, Spain attracts scores of international couples every year. Mixed-nationality marriages are common in the most popular parts of the country such as Madrid, Barcelona and the Costas. While this mix provides an enriching cultural experience while the union lasts, the different nationalities can complicate matters if the couple decides to separate. 

“It’s true to say that international couples in Spain face the same difficulties as Spaniards themselves when it comes to divorce,” says Julio Prieto at Del Canto Chambers. “However, international divorce in Spain involves certain complexities that can be overwhelming, which is where expert international counsel comes in.”

As always, it is more than worth your while obtaining legal advice from experts in Anglo and Spanish law to determine the strategy to suit you and your circumstances.

Read the full article, published in Spanish Property Insight, here

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