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Del Canto Chambers bets for pragmatism on Brexit negotiations

Del Canto Chambers bets for pragmatism on Brexit negotiations

Del Canto Chambers bets for the pragmatism on Brexit negotiations

Our Managing Partner, León Fernando del Canto, has taken part of the event EmbraceLondon, a briefing held by the Spanish journal El País, gathering representatives of the Spanish and British financial sectors in order to discuss the consequences of the EU and British’s negotiations in the future of the free movement of goods and people between both countries.

The main idea focused on this meeting is that of the betting for the pragmatism as a way to conduct the important Brexit’s negotiations. In this sense, León Fernando del Canto claims, in a statement reported by the journal El País, that “ties between both countries are also fundamental because of what Spain means for the UK with regard to its expansion in Latin America and of what the UK means for Spain as a pathway to Asia, the Middle East and other emergent regions. There is a mutual and very profitable relationship that we must keep for the businesses’ shake”.

The Spanish journal El País, informed on the celebration of this meeting in an entitled report “La City quiere un ‘Brexit’ pragmático”, by the journalist María Contreras.

Original link to the report by El País, here.

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