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Del Canto Chambers partner with San Telmo Business School

Del Canto Chambers partner with San Telmo Business School

Del Canto Chambers partner with San Telmo Business School. San Telmo Business School is a well-respected business school in Spain, with campuses in Sevilla and Málaga. Their main goal is to help people improve their management skills through various programs.

They understand the challenges that companies and both public and private institutions face. San Telmo Business School offers unique training activities, some of which are not found elsewhere in Europe. These programs aim to help senior managers make fair and sensible decisions and lead efficiently while respecting their collaborators.

San Telmo Business School focuses on providing training that is relevant to real-world business situations. They prioritize the needs of professionals and offer networking opportunities as a key benefit.

Del Canto Chambers has joined the Advisory Board of the Martínez Echeverría Chair of Services at San Telmo Business School. Their role is to support the internationalization efforts of the chair and the business school in the services sector. Del Canto Chambers provides:

1. Strategic guidance for Spanish institutions and companies operating in the UK, including litigation services, legal advice, tax assistance, obtaining employment licenses, and hiring employees among others.

2. Legal, tax, corporate and residency services for international clients and corporations that operate in Spain.

3. Generation of business opportunities for international clients interested in investing in Spain.

By Xavier Nova, Chambers Director

Del Canto Chambers is a leading London Barristers Chambers specialising in Law, Tax & Legal Advice. Our dual-qualified, multilingual lawyers specialise in international law and tax and have worked on over 500 cases globally.

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