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The Hispanic Dispute Resolution Centre (ADR) in London

The Hispanic Dispute Resolution Centre (ADR) in London

The Hispanic Dispute Resolution Centre (ADR) in London. As part of our Dispute Resolution initiatives, Del Canto Chambers project has launched a project to create a Hispanic Dispute Resolution Centre (ADR) in London as part of the Financial Times #InnovativeLawyers2020 Global Legal Hackathon Challenge

The project involves setting up a virtual Hispanic Mediation and Arbitration Centre located in London.

With travel restrictions set to continue for the foreseeable future, and increased international litigation in Spanish-speaking countries, the COVID-19 pandemic will pose many challenges for dispute resolutions which will need a faster route to be resolved. 

We are developing a virtual spanish speaking mediation and arbitration centre in London in order to provide both English and Spanish-speaking clients who have been affected by the pandemic from a business perspective an excellent opportunity to resolve their disputes through a dynamic, flexible and economically competitive system.

The project can be consulted in the Global Legal Hackathon Challenge Webpage

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