The Hispanic Dispute Resolution Centre (ADR) in London

As part of our Dispute Resolution initiatives, Del Canto Chambers project has launched a project to create a Hispanic Dispute Resolution Centre (ADR) in London as part of the the Financial Times #InnovativeLawyers2020 Global Legal Hackathon Challenge

The project involves setting up a virtual Hispanic Mediation and Arbitration Centre located in London.

With travel restrictions set to continue for the foreseeable future, and increased international litigation in Spanish-speaking countries, the COVID-19 pandemic will pose many challenges for dispute resolutions which will need a faster route to be resolved. 

We are developing a virtual spanish speaking mediation and arbitration centre in London in order to provide both English and Spanish-speaking clients who have been affected by the pandemic from a business perspective an excellent opportunity to resolve their disputes through a dynamic, flexible and economically competitive system.

The project can be consulted in the Global Legal Hackathon Challenge Webpage

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