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Corporate Services

Del Canto Chambers is a specialist tax and legal firm based in London offering corporate tax and legal services to companies, from drafting non-disclosure agreements and conducting due diligence to working on acquisitions, special purpose entities and vehicle formation. Our tax-qualified team of lawyers understands international tax & legal complexities and never overlooks anything in a transaction.

Joint Venture or Partnership Agreements

Every joint venture deal must be carefully planned, managed and customised for all parties’ specific businesses and needs. As such, we have created an operating agreement model that addresses our clients’ needs. Our services include supporting investors and entrepreneurs, advising on structuring as well as drafting and negotiating joint venture agreements, from the initial NDAs and MoUs down to execution.

Our team has broad expertise in a wide range of joint venture models and can advise on the commercial and strategic issues involved. We also provide counsel on regional regulatory matters; thanks to our international presence (in Spain, the UK and Qatar) we can guide overseas professional services firms that are in the process of establishing offices in the UK and continental Europe and advise on cross-border mergers.

Our number one priority is our clients’ individual needs. We will collaborate with you to meet your goals and build a customised structure to the venture while meeting each parties’ specific needs. Joint ventures are all about the allocation of risk and responsibility. We work with you to anticipate potential areas of commercial conflict and develop practical and appropriate mechanisms to resolve disputes.

Furthermore, we assist with reorganising or dissolving a joint venture or partnership if required. Our lawyers recognize the need to plan the parties’ exit from any joint venture and treat this process as carefully as its formation.

Agency and Representation

Besides setting up a company, acquiring one or setting up a joint venture or partnership, you can opt for drafting an agency and representation agreement. Setting up an agency involves drafting an agreement between an individual and legal entity (the agent) in exchange for remuneration, to promote commercial acts or transactions for the account of another.

In this way, agents are independent intermediaries who do not act in their own name, but rather on behalf of someone else. It can be a good option for promoting your business, bringing in new leads and clients, as typically, the main task of an agent is to bring together all parties involved in a transaction.

Our firm can help you navigate through the drafting of the agreement in order to negotiate and agree on the most convenient clauses for your business.

Turnkey Project management

Del Canto Chambers offers a turnkey project management approach with a full-service support solution, including decision-making protocols and timelines.

We have worked with a variety of projects in Spain, Middle East and Latin America, advising European and American companies. Our team is able to offer turn key solutions managing the whole project with our local partners.

Del Canto Chambers assists clients in structuring a wide range of transactions, from private equity deals to corporate acquisitions. A turnkey project management approach allows us to incorporate multiple local partner to ensure a successful implementation. Our firm will help you navigate through the transactional process coordinating the different professionals involved. View major cases

As members of The Leading Edge Alliance, we work with local auditing firms assisting with tax audits and general compliance. We work collaboratively with LEA Global firms, with a strong focus on client service.

The partner in the original engagement stays involved throughout the work to ensure you experience a seamless service. That connection provides consistency and intimate client knowledge, expertise and proactive advisory services.

How can we help you?

Del Canto Chambers specialists are constantly up to date with new legislative changes and aware of any tax and legal implications related to corporate law.