Spain grows 8% … In the Football Market

According to Deloitte and as reported by Accountancy Age, despite significant economic headwinds, the European football market grew by 4% to €16.3 billion in 2009/10.

The ‘big five’ leagues’ revenues grew by 5% to €8.4 billion, with all five leagues demonstrating revenue growth. Broadcasting revenue was the main driver of growth (up 8%) and now stands at over €4 billion.

The Premier League increased its revenue to almost €2.5 billion in 2009/10. The gap to the second highest revenue generating league, the Bundesliga, now exceeds €800m.

The Bundesliga’s revenue grew 6% to €1,664m, driven by an impressive increase in commercial revenues, and the largest average attendance (42,700) in European football.

La Liga revenues grew by 8% to €1,622m, the highest absolute and relative growth of any of the ‘big five’ leagues. Much of the growth was driven by Real Madrid and Barcelona (whose collective revenues increased by €69m).

Serie A’s revenues increased by 3% to €1,532m leaving it in fourth place of the ‘big five’ leagues, ahead of Ligue 1 whose clubs’ revenues grew by 2% to reach €1,072m. UEFA’s decision to hold Euro 2016 in France provides a significant opportunity for French clubs to refurbish stadia to increase attendances and revenue. Whilst Italy lost out, it still needs to invest to improve its outdated stadia.

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