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Moving to Spain from the UK in 2021
Moving to Spain from the UK in 2021

Moving to Spain from the UK in 2021

Moving to Spain from the UK in 2021. Spain has long been a favourite destination for Britons seeking a life abroad with around 360,000 registered as permanent residents. Following Britain’s exit from the EU, the rules for admission have changed, and those looking to move to the sun will need to ensure they have the correct permission in place.

Right to remain in Spain removed

EU membership grants the right to live, work and move freely within the EU without needing a visa and without any time restrictions. When the Brexit transition period ended on 31 December 2020, British citizens lost the right to live and work in Spain that came with being an EU citizen.
The new post-Brexit rules mean that Britons wishing to move to Spain now need to apply for a visa in a similar way to non-Europeans wishing to relocate there.

This article, Moving to Spain from the UK in 2021, has been originaly published in Spanish Property Insight (SPI).

By Julia Moreno, Expatriate services Director, Abogada at Del Canto Chambers

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