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MALNE revives Cervantine fashion style at Madrid Fashion Week

MALNE revives Cervantine fashion style at Madrid Fashion Week

The firm of haute couture MALNE offered a fashion show at Madrid Fashion Week inspired by Cervantes and the Spanish Golden Age fashion style.

The firm of haute couture MALNE offered a fashion show on the catwalk of the 64th edition of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid, better known as Cibeles, where they showed their new collection based on Cervantes’ time. Customers of Del Canto Chambers, designer Paloma Alvarez and her partner Juanjo Manez were part of the atelier of Roberto Verino since its inception. Currently, MALNE is represented by Boutique Blanche in Qatar and will exhibit at the Paris Fashion Week.

One more year, the great fashion event in the capital of Spain was held at the IFEMA facilities in Madrid. There, in pavilion 14, and for four days, thirty designers were able to show their talent in designing cutting-edge haute couture.

In this sense, MALNE gave a master class on fine taste and style, with a collection inspired by Cervantine fashion of Spanish seicento (17th century).

MALNE’s new proposals played with elegant and sophisticated looks, with gazares, tulles and white pailletes as protagonist garments. The models wore embroidered lace and Cervantine-neck shirts. The latter, with backless dresses clasped with chains in the back, purporting to show the contrast of the union of these two eras: four centuries between seams.

At the Madrid Fashion Week, MALNE also wanted to show their new designs of pants, shoes and evening gowns. No doubt their tied high waist pants were one of the star garments of the show, along with the boleros.

As for footwear, they presented proposals for harmonious shoes, always matching with the outfit, and offered the spectators-buyers the possibility to choose them both flat and heeled.

Finally, in the part of the show dedicated to evening dresses, MALNE took a risk and amazed the audience with some elegant embroidered dresses in jet.

MALNE has work with models like Linda Evangelista, Helena Christensen and Nieves Alvarez. They have also collaborated with prestigious magazines, like Vogue and Elle, as well as renowned photographers like Vincent Peters, Satoshi Saikusa or Mikael Jansson.

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