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Leon Fernando Del Canto publishes an article in British business newspaper City AM

Leon Fernando Del Canto publishes an article in British business newspaper City AM

Our Managing Partner in the office of Del Canto Chambers, Leon Fernando Del Canto, published in the British business newspaper City AM an article on the growth of the M & A sector in the United Kingdom despite the bad omens predicted as a result of Brexit.

As an example, Leon Fernando Del Canto highlights that the forecasts that anticipated Britain would lose 250,000 million pounds in agreements after the referendum were unfounded because only in June already 60 agreements were signed, totalling a worth of 34,500 million.

“It is no surprise that foreign investors may see the fall of the pound in the UK as an opportunity for buying”. Access to a cheaper market with a more favourable exchange rate and the knowledge that the UK will be leaving the EU “is enough for investors to begin to make plans and decide whether to acquire or merge with a British company”, Del Canto points out.

Although Article 50 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, which establishes the two years of negotiations prior to the official exit of UK from the EU, has still not been activated, Leon Fernando del Canto stressed in the article that “for now what we can say is that Brexit has not changed the perception that the rest of the world has of Britain, as a safe haven amid so much global uncertainty “.

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