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Legal tips for foreigners wishing to move to Spain and get their residency

Legal tips for foreigners wishing to move to Spain and get their residency

Legal tips for foreigners. Year after year, thousands of foreigners from all around the world decide to start their new life in Spain. And there is enough reason for that: a country that offers ideal weather conditions all the year around, with a delicious gastronomy, tons of expats communities and friendly people who make you enjoy social interactions much more.

Nevertheless, the process these foreigners must go through to finally settle in the country generates many doubts; and that leads to mistakes that not only end up costing a lot of time, but also money.

In this article we will outline some useful tips that will turn this immigration process into something easier, faster and safer from a legal standpoint.

You can read the full article, originally published in The Olive Press, by clicking here.


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