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Investment triangle between government, companies and investors in SID 2017

Investment triangle between government, companies and investors in SID 2017

Investment triangle between government, companies and investors in SID 2017

The event “Spain Investors Day” celebrates a new edition in Madrid and brings together foreign investors with the government and executives of the big Spanish firms to capture business.

The VII edition of Spain Investors Day (SID) brings together in Madrid over two days more than 150 international investors and executives from 39 large Spanish companies with the aim of attracting capital, boosting their economic activities and helping the Spanish market to become an important investor focus putting investors, companies and the government in touch.

Spain is a major investment destination in many markets, especially the real estate and financial markets through US, British and German funds despite the legal and fiscal complexity to carry out operations in Spain.

The SID, which has been held since 2010, is a professional forum where international investors can also inquire about the current situation of the main Spanish companies listed. These large companies belong to sectors such as infrastructure, banking, technology, energy and insurance.

The inauguration of this edition of the SID is held in the charge of King Felipe VI, with the opening speech, accompanied by representatives of the government as the Secretary of State for Commerce, Maria Luisa Poncela, the Ministers of Economy, Energy and Foreign Affairs (Luis de Guindos, Álvaro Nadal and Alfonso Dastis, respectively), along with the president of the CNMV, Sebastián Albella.

More than 500 meetings between entrepreneurs, analysts and executives of large Spanish companies such as Iberdrola, Bankia, IAG and ACS are expected, both in the public events and in the private meetings offered to them (presentations one to many and one to one ).

An event of these characteristics is certainly a business and investment opportunity in a context in which the Spanish economy is growing and presents good prospects for this year 2017.

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