International Arbitration Case Study

The Commercial Driver

This case centred around a commercial contract dispute worth USD 150 million. Our client wished to pursue the other party for a debt owed and because there was an arbitration clause in the contract, we helped with the case preparation ready for arbitration in London.

How Del Canto Chambers delivered value

Del Canto Chambers had to review the commercial contract and ascertain the applicable law. Issues we considered included confidentiality of proprietary information used; evidence, applicable law and jurisdiction.  We helped establish the facts and prepare for discovery. We helped identify who should be called as a witness and helped prepare their statements. We drafted and organised all the documentation needed to issue the notice of arbitration, including the proposal for ad hoc arbitral tribunal.

The Result

Our client’s case is now fully and thoroughly prepared, ready to go to a London arbitration tribunal for a final and binding determination.

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