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Del Canto Chambers Galicia is born
Del Canto Chambers Galicia is born

Del Canto Chambers Galicia is born

Del Canto Chambers Galicia is born. Six reasons to open an international law and tax office in northwestern Spain

Del Canto Chambers opens a new office in Galicia. The reasons? Perhaps it is its cities on the sea and surrounded by forests or perhaps the fact that Galicia has one of the best ways of life and longevity rates in the world. Perhaps because some of the most important and innovative companies have their headquarters there or perhaps because this is one of the places where people from different countries and cultures have been connected by the Sea since the dawn of time. Why Galicia? We’ll see.

  1. The Sea Hub

Galicia is the northwestern corner of Spain and one of the main connection points by sea for the south and north of Europe,  with America, and Africa.

Galicia has 1,700 kilometers of coastline and more than 120 ports, led by the impressive ports of Coruña and Vigo, connecting the world through an essential geostrategic situation in global trade . 

2. Vocational Entrepreneurship

A great deal has been written about Amancio Ortega, founder and main builder of Inditex/Zara emporium, and about the mixture of extraordinary business ability, humility and discretion. 

The truth is that both, business skills and discretion, are cultural characteristics of Galicians, an entrepreneur people, hard-working and aimed to prosper by their own means. Galicians are calm and tenacious. It takes a second glance to see it, but Galicia is almost invariably a main component in most important Spanish business projects and quite some multinational companies, mainly in America.

Galicia exports 36’40% of its production and is the 5th autonomous community in exports in Spain.

3. Quality of life: have it all

Large modern and cosmopolitan cities such as Coruña and Vigo; countless towns and villages, incredible beaches, lush forests, rivers, islands, current and ancestral culture, one of the best gastronomies in the world and a millenary wine-growing tradition … These are some of the reasons that can help explain why in Galicia it is quite usual, not only turning one hundred years old but doing it while enjoying life.

Choosing to live in Galicia represents great advantages, with a stable, accessible, and constantly revaluing real estate market, which ranges from luxury properties in cities with incredible views of the sea to charming rural houses or stately country houses.

For those who wish to settle in Spain, Galicia represents the other offer, an alternative to the perpetual sun and beach party, more focused on a lifestyle close to nature, culture, and good food; to walk, sail, fish in the rivers, enjoy places with wild horses and quiet beaches, without giving up the advantages of the big city.

4. Culture: tomorrow, yesterday and today

Visitors come to Galicia to see some of its 700 beaches, its gastronomy, and its culture. Galician cultural heritage is universally known mainly for the Camino de Santiago, which has been the backbone of Europe for a thousand years, taking millions of pilgrims to the beautiful city of Compostela with its unique Cathedral.

 Galicia has an immense monumental heritage: dolmens and Celtic settlements, Roman walls and lighthouses, hidden monasteries, imposing palaces, and humble granaries. Also its intangible culture, very marked by its Celtic origin, which is reflected in each local festival, in the iconography and in the music.

Galician culture has always been innovative in its cultural production.

A good example is an audiovisual sector with production companies such as Vaca, Bambú, CTV or Portocabo whose works have already acquired an international dimension.

5. World Wide Net

Galician people have historically been migrants. They have established communities all over the world that have accomplished to maintain all strong links with Galicia, no matter the distance. There are half a million Galicians outside Galicia.

Almost everty capital city in the planet has their own Casa de Galicia, the place to meet, support newcomers and keep cultural and business activities. The affective bond becomes a business advantage by having contact and support networks almost anywhere. A natural Networking that represents a competitive advantage and fuels international collaboration and strategic alliances.

6. Language and Law 

Those who wish to live or invest in Galicia need to know that, as a historical Community of Spain, Galicia has its own language, Government, and Law. 

Galicia speaks Galician and has its own Civil Law and some fiscal and regulatory specificities, especially related to the right to land ownership or inheritance.

Why Galicia? There are many reasons for an international Tax and Legal firm like Del Canto Chambers to pay attention to this market that looks to and from the rest of the world. Galicia is always a solid bet, even in critical times. Investors will find beneficial travel companions in it and those who feel a potential for life there will give new meaning to the expression, good life.   

Taking into account that our main objective is to contribute to Legal and Tax knowledge in international alliances, it was inevitable that we made this decision to accompany Galicians who work in other countries, and people who are looking for everything that Spain and Galicia have to offer.

Del Canto Chambers Galicia is born. We are in good luck.

Del Canto Chambers Galicia is born. By  Mª Luisa Cid, Responsable de Del Canto Chambers Galiza, Derecho Corporativo, abogada europea


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