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Moving to Spain: Bookshop Cafés for the Literary Savvy and caffeine enthusiast in Madrid

Moving to Spain: Bookshop Cafés for the Literary Savvy and caffeine enthusiast in Madrid

Bookshop Cafés for the Literary Savvy and caffeine enthusiast in Madrid. Madrid, a city celebrated for its rich history, stunning architecture, and a cultural tapestry that captivates literature lovers worldwide, offers a unique experience for those who find solace in the blend of a good read and a steaming cup of coffee. Even if you’re not a book lover, the ambiance and atmosphere of these aesthetically pleasing cafes’s make it a guaranteed experience for all types of coffee enjoyers. Here’s an insider’s guide to some book cafés in Madrid, perfect for a literary rendezvous or a quiet afternoon lost in the pages of a book, all while sipping a delightful brew.

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Tipos Infames Café: Who said you can’t drink and read? If you are looking for the best of both worlds –  great wine-independent literature, head to the vibrant and ever so quirky Malasaña district. Tipos Infames stands out as a modern, cutting-edge literary corner. The fusion of books and wine is tangible here, where you can delve into an eclectic mix of works while savouring a delicious wine or specialty coffee. With its dim lighting and bohemian atmosphere, it’s an ideal spot for immersing yourself in a novel or engaging in a relaxed chat.

La Central de Callao: If you find the central streets of Madrid a little too overwhelming or would simply like a quiet break from the commotion, you can find this shop situated in bustling Plaza del Callao. La Central de Callao is the perfect secret hideaway, a multi-story bookstore with a charming café and high ceilings where you can peek at the numerous shelves of book collections. This bright, contemporary space offers a large variety of themes, from classic literature to the latest trends as well as artsy gifts. Relax with a coffee and a treat whilst leafing through your favourite book or discover a new literary gem.

Olavide Bar de Libros: Situated in Chamberí This little reading nook in was created by two book-loving travellers who decided to open up this passion project, a perfectly cosy cafe with a colorful selection of books. From the outside, it looks like a typical Spanish bar but on the inside, you will find a cultural paradise with the bonus of delicious sweet treats and coffee. 

Lector: Also found in the Chamberí district, Lector is a serene sanctuary for book and coffee aficionados. The café boasts shelves filled with books in multiple languages and a tranquil atmosphere conducive to reflection. Classic literature enthusiasts will find this spot enchanting, complemented by excellently prepared coffee.

Libros para un mundo mejor: Last but not least, although this isn’t quite a cafe, it is a compulsory visit for any book lovers – or cat lovers. A truly unique bookshop in Malasaña that offers both new and secondhand books, as well as a small selection of merchandise, featuring their permanent tenant, a curious black cat that you may find roaming around the bookstore. Although this isn’t a cafe, there is a quiet corner where you can sit down and have a browse whilst taking in the aesthetic decoration. 

Whether seeking the perfect setting for a literary date or just a quiet corner to lose yourself in a book, these four book cafés in Madrid offer the ideal combination of culture, coffee, and a welcoming ambience. Immerse yourself in the world of literature while enjoying the unique essence of Spain’s capital. 

Happy literary feasting!

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Bookshop Cafés for the Literary Savvy and caffeine enthusiast in Madrid.

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