Advised Smart Design Worldwide Case Study

Case Study; Advised Smart Design Worldwide

Advised Smart Design Worldwide, a New York based strategic design company, on how to expand its operations into Europe and set up a Barcelona office

Advised Smart Design Worldwide Case Study

The Commercial Driver

Smart Design Worldwide, a strategic design company based in New York and San Francisco at that time, wanted to expand its operations into Europe. Del Canto Chambers were appointed by Smart Design Worldwide to help determine the best location for their operations in Europe and to determine the tax and legal structure to operate in the EU.

How Del Canto Chambers delivered value

After due consideration, the decision was between Milan and Barcelona and Smart Design Worldwide decided on Spain. We determined the tax and legal structure using a subsidiary and the capital and loan structure to be held in the US. Most employees, some US and Canada employees, came to Spain under the Beck-ham Rule and the company operated in Barcelona, using it successfully as a springboard into Europe for several years until they moved their offices to London.

The Result

Expanding its services and capabilities dramatically over recent years, Smart Design has firmly established itself as a leading design studio serving clients from across Europe.

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