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Arab Law

Our Arabic lawyers specialise in this diverse and complex Arab law and legal system, currently practiced in 25 countries.

The Arab Law system in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), includes Qatar, the UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

The GCC economy relies on a strong legal system, most of it translated to English. It is based on Sharia with a foundation in common and continental law, and an understanding of all aspects, combined with insights into the richness and depth of Arab business culture, is fundamental to interpret it.

Our Arabic law specialists have been advising international companies in the Gulf since 2010.

Arabic Law and Legal Services

Our Arabic lawyers have a genuine appreciation and understanding of the Arab culture and Arabic traditions are part of Del Canto Chambers’ identity. As a consequence, we have facilitated the forging of strong alliances between GCC, Europe and Latin America –particularly in Spain and England.

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Arabic Speaking Lawyers

We have Arabic speaking lawyers and we believe in cultural immersion as the prerequisite to develop strong partnerships in the Arab world. Our experienced Arabic law specialists understand local and regional business practices, the tax and legal issues and the regulatory practices after advising in this area of law for many years.

Examples of Arabic legal and tax cases we have advised on include:

How can our Arabic lawyers help you?

Del Canto Chambers offers a turnkey project management approach with a full-service support solution, including decision-making protocols and timelines. The partner in the original engagement stays involved throughout the work to ensure you experience a seamless service. That connection provides consistency and intimate client knowledge, expertise and proactive advisory services.

At Del Canto Chambers we work with local auditing firms assisting with tax audits and general compliance. We work collaboratively with a strong focus on client service.

Why choose Del Canto Chambers?

Del Canto Chambers provides dual-qualified, multi-lingual tax lawyers, who have worked on over 500 cases throughout Europe, the Middle East, Latin America and Asia, making us the counsel of choice for London-based and international clients, corporations, solicitors and tax advisers.

Major Cases

Corporate Cases
We have worked on several corporate cases including some of the worlds leading companies in media, luxury boats, football clubs, NGOs, investments and much more

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