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Jersey Threatens to Break with UK over Tax Backlash

An article in The Guardian by Simon Bowers reports that ‘the island should be ready to become independent, says senior minister after political attacks on finance industry.’

The full article can be found at The Guardian here, or can be read below:

A barrage of regulatory clampdowns and political attacks on the Channel Islands’ controversial financial industry has prompted one of Jersey’s most senior politicians to call for preparations to be made to break the “thrall of Whitehall” and declare independence from the UK.

Sir Philip Bailhache, the island’s assistant chief minister, said: “I feel that we get a raw deal. I feel it’s not fair … I think that the duty of Jersey politicians now is to try to explain what the island is doing and not to take things lying down.

“The island should be prepared to stand up for itself and should be ready to become independent if it were necessary in Jersey’s interest to do so.”