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Can I apply for Beckham Rule if I am a director of a Spanish Company?

Can I apply for Beckham Rule if I am a director of a Spanish Company?

Yes, if you moved to Spain to run a business through a Spanish company as a director you may apply for the Beckham tax regime for a maximum of six years even if you are a shareholder of that company.

If the company is a “passive assets-owning company,” the director’s stake in the company cannot exceed 25%. To qualify for this regime, you must not have been a tax resident in Spain for the past five years and must have relocated to the country to be appointed as a director.

Any Spanish source income and work/salary worldwide would be subjected to a flat tax rate of 24% (47% for any sum beyond 600,000 euros).

Additionally, any dividends, interest, or capital gains sourced from Spain would be subjected to rates ranging from 19% to 28%, and Spanish investments would be subjected to Wealth Tax and Solidarity Tax. Foreign income, assets and capital gains will be tax-exempt in Spain.

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