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UK’s EU workers react to Brexit: “The decision shows that this issue is not just limited to the UK”

They told us their worries about the prospect of Brexit, now the UK has voted for it Britain’s workers share their reaction.

Europeans living in the UK have expressed alarm about their future after Britons voted to leave the EU. There are 3 million EU citizens living in the UK, and although their status will not change immediately, many are deeply concerned about the implication of EU withdrawal on their right to continue living and working in Britain.

Before the vote we asked some of Britain’s EU workers how they would feel about a possible Brexit. Now that the country has voted to leave, we returned to them for their reaction.

The barrister

Fernando Del Canto, 49, is Spanish and lives in London.

“The decision shows that this issue is not just limited to the UK.”

Del Canto, a Spanish barrister living and working in UK, is shocked but not entirely surprised. “This decision shows that there is an issue here, not just in the UK but within the European Union. I think there is a lot dissatisfaction and this vote is like a wake up call to reality,” he says.

“It has been a hard night. Europe was seen as a model but now that’s not the case with the way it has responded to issues like immigration.”

He is disappointed, but thinks there is a lot to learn from the way the UK has voted. “I’m disappointed but also hope that this result will open debate around the future of the EU. I don’t think Brexit will happen in the way people expect but I do think other countries could call for a referendum. People in Brussels will have to think and we need to listen.”