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Alex Fletcher barrister

Alex Fletcher

Barrister, Mediator and non-practicing Solicitor

Specialism: Family law, Intellectual Property

Jurisdiction: England & Wales

Based in London

Year of Call: 2003

Alex is a Barrister, Mediator and non-practicing Solicitor in England and Wales. He has a Master’s degree in International Law from Bristol University with  special interest in International Child Abduction. He is a trustee of Two UK National charities,  a part-time law lecturer at Portsmouth University and regularly teaches and tutors Mediation students.

Alex specialises in Family Law and is regularly instructed on:

  • Financial remedy proceedings [separation of finances in divorce]
  • Child law proceedings [Arrangements for children on divorce or separation]
  • Pre and post nuptial agreements and cohabitation agreements

Alex has worked with families, children and local authorities in his work as a family lawyer since 2007. He is well regarded as an advocate and is highly persuasive both in court and out.

He achieves lasting results that few others can for families to progress from the situations they are in with meaning and purpose.

  • Jurisdiction: England & Wales. Based in London