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Taxing lifestyle and Spanish residence 

Taxing lifestyle and Spanish residence 

Talking to a colleague in Hong Kong I realised how many people still think that residence in Spain is a taxing lifestyle.

This week I was in Seville, Jerez, Sotogrande, Marbella and Malaga and met clients from UK and Malaysia. Looking at their lifestyle and listening to them I am more and more convinced that Andalucia offers an unique destination for expats.

Culture, traditions, education, healthcare, safety and… tanning! are all available by default, and all tax and legalities can be handled clearly if appropriate consideration is give to income, wealth and residence.

As everyone will agree, Tax planning is needed as the NIL tax fantasy is no more available anywhere. 

If you are considering #spanishresidency, there are tax laws and regulations that coupled with sound residence planning allows to get a very reasonable tax residence in Spain. 

If you are EU resident the move is straightforward and if you live in America, Asia or Middle East, the #spanishgoldenvisa makes your residence in the EU possible.

Spain offers an unique lifestyle but all depends on how you plan it. 


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