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The Parliament of Andalusia approves a Decree to legalise 300,000 illegal properties in the Andalusian Community

The Andalusian Regional Government approves a Decree to put an end to over 300,000 properties that were built outside the urban land legislation. The objectives according to a Government source is to regularise properties in illegal situation, giving them a more environmental protection and simplifying the administrative proceedings. Moreover, there is an intention to collaborate with Town Councils in Andalusia and “resolve proceedings in 12-18 months” pointed out, the Regional Councillor of Development, Infrastructure and Land Management, Marifrán Carazo.

This new decree will repeal two previous laws on plots that were built on a non urban land, the 6/2016 dated on 1st August; the 2/2018 dated 1st August, a Regional Decree of 2/2012 dated on 10th January as well as an order of March 2013. This new Decree will be temporary enforced until the Andalusian Parliament approves a new law on land.

The new Decree also allows access to any irregular edification for extending a declaration to adapt the property to the urban planning. Properties, such as, those that are still in time to restore their legality (six years since their construction), or those with an existing court ruling are excluded from this Decree scope. Also, properties that were built on a special protection land are also excluded.

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