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Living in Madrid

Living in Madrid

This week in London I noticed how Spanish gastronomy, music and fashion is going mainstream again.

I am not talking about cheap paella, tacky folklore music or flamenco dresses. I saw gourmet restaurants in W1 and great street’s food at Candem Town inspired by Spain, watched designers’ cloths and listened to contemporary music -all with a Spanish flavour.

But was surprised me the most, far away from being Chauvinist, is that it feels a lot like Madrid, where you can taste great culinary experiments influenced by London, see London inspired fashion and of course, listening to Brit music.

I just want to say that living in Madrid and working in London and/or viceverse feels like being at home in both places.

The fact that Spain is back in London mirrors a slow recovery in Spanish cultural life, economy and tourism.

The property market in Spain is also recovering and many Londoners are back here. Welcome.

The real estate market is recovering on a steady fashion and we shall not see again the property bubble effect.

Both, commercial and residential, show signs of strenght and Madrid is positioning itself as a great destination to live in.

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