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Higher Education and Visa Requirement in Spain for International Students

Higher Education and Visa Requirement in Spain for International Students

Higher Education and Visa Requirement in Spain for International Students

Spain offers a variety of higher education choices. Students come from different countries to study in one of the seventy four universities situated inside the nation. The reason is a mix of good education facility and a chance to soak in the unique culture and history of Spain. Moreover, Spain is also near France and Great Britain and international students can easily take a day trip to London or Paris and come back with a rich experience. International students can pursue bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and even doctorate degree in Spain.

Law Study in Spain

Law colleges in Spain are particularly appealing as they offer international students an opportunity to know and understand legal processes prevalent in various European countries. Law colleges in Spain also provide the students opportunities to learn about international crimes. Core international crimes are studied and the students learn about procedures of international crime along with general criminal justice system.

Arts and Humanities Study in Spain

Arts and Humanities offer exciting job opportunities to students. Some of the popular Spanish courses are visual arts, language, history, popular music, and environmental ethics, fundamental of philosophy, Spanish literature, Western American literature and English literature. However, the course is only complete if the student effectively completes a final research paper. An Arts and Humanities degree would provide career opportunities in several related industries.

Marketing and Finance Study in Spain

Marketing and Finance is offering numerous job opportunities to both undergraduate and graduate students. Some of the jobs opportunities available after successful completion of the course are Product Manager, Account Executive, Advertising Executive, Financial Analyst, and Marketing Consultant. Hence, the subject is much sought after by students. The course also empowers the students to become entrepreneurs and open up their own companies.

Science Study in Spain

Science courses offer myriad prospects to its scholars. Some of the popular subjects comprise of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Microbiology, etc. Students of both undergraduate and graduate degree could avail many types of jobs. In fact, science scholars are always in much demand by various industries.

Student Visa Requirements

U.S. Citizens: U.S. citizens aspiring to study in Spain for less than 90 days do not need to get any student visa.

E.U. Citizens: E.U. citizens do not require any student visa to pursue higher education for any length of time in Spain.

Other Nationals: Students of other nations would require a visa even if they have to study in Spain for duration below 90 days.

The student visa authorizes a person to carry with him/her the spouse and any child less than 18 years of age.

Essential Documents for Student Visa for Spain

  • Two filled up and signed forms of Schengen Application (allowing a person to research or study in Spain for a period greater than 3 months)
  • A valid passport whose date of expiry would go beyond your intended stay in Spain. A page should be left blank to affix the visa
  • Current photographs (2 number) in a white background
  • Original form of international health insurance having a minimum coverage of €30,000. For a stay exceeding 6 month period, the original health certificate as well as a copy is essential which must be translated in Spanish.
  • Acceptance letter of the educational institute where you plan to study (attesting you as a full time student)
  • If the applicant is a minor and intending to travel alone to study in Spain then an authorization letter from both the parents would be needed. In this instance parents’ identity cards and birth certificates would also be needed.
  • Accompanying visa application for spouse and children (below 18 years of age), marriage certificate (original and copy) to validate marriage relationship.
  • Documents justifying the availability of means of subsistence (with a minimum of 532.51 euros per month) for the whole period for which the visa is requested. 532.51 euros is the 100 % of IPREM(Public Indicator of Multiple Effects Income) and this is what have to demonstrate.
  • Consular Fees (nonrefundable) through money order and addressed to Consulate General of Spain.

Important: Spanish study visa for duration up to six months is adequate to document the visit. However, if the candidate wants to study for a duration exceeding six months then he/she would need to apply for a TIE or foreign identity card within 30 days of entering into Spain. TIE usually takes 3 weeks to obtain and therefore must be applied in advance. An additional certificate of criminal record for duration of 3 months and duly translated in Spanish is needed.

Note: The given information relates only to small percentage of the whole procedure.  Other major processes including technical budgets and other various nuances apply to each specific case.  For those highly interested in the whole procedure always feel free to call us so we can offer you a personalized consultation or even receive more information by mailing us at or

To get the full information of the documents required to apply for this type of Visa kindly click here.

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