Del Canto Chambers considers a "smokescreen" the floor clauses' extrajudicial process

Del Canto Chambers considers like a “smokescreen” the floor clauses’ extrajudicial process

Our Managing Partner, León Fernando del Canto, has published an opinion article in the journal Huffington Post in which he considers the new extrajudicial process that the Spanish government is trying to pass as a smokescreen to not to comply the CJEU’s sentence obliging banks to give back its clients the overpaid amounts for the floor clauses.

From Del Canto point of view, this procedure is trying to take the execution of judgement from the Judicial Power, as it is recognised in the Article 117.3 of the Spanish Constitution. He considers that the government is standing with the banking and it is unable to acknowledge this European high court’s rule as a victory of the citizenship.

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