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British expats living in Spain: are their rights at stake?

British expats living in Spain: are their rights at stake?

British expats living in Spain: are their rights at stake?. Hundreds of thousands of British expats living in Spain face increasingly unfavorable tax burdens and discrimination over their pre-Brexit immigration status.

Before the UK’s departure from the EU, most British citizens living in Spain failed to register their residence and have been flying under the radar — until now.

British homeowners in Spain must now comply with rules that mean that non-EU nationals can stay in the country for a maximum of 90 days in every 180. They face potential deportation or a ban from the country should they outstay their welcome. There is zero leeway for emergencies, whether family crises, attending to property issues or any other urgent matter. Border control data systems mean nobody will go unnoticed.

Read the full article, published in The Times, here

By León Fernando del Canto, Barrister and Spanish abogado. Head of Chambers at Del Canto Chambers

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