What Do We Lawyers Do?

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Many clients ask me what do you specifically do as a lawyer and how do you add value to my business and life?

Although I am an abogado in Spain and a barrister in England, I like to call myself Counsel as my main role is advising clients on courses of action affecting their own or their business’ well being.

As money, taxes and legal implications exist from the most mundane to the highest aspiration in this world, sound and friendly counsel plays a fundamental part in every client’s life.

Not trying to oversimplify the profession, the other roles we play in the context of Counseling are:

Advocacy – representing and protecting the client’s interests in relationship to private or public subjects, including negotiations, mediation and litigation.

– Analysing, assessing or researching legal issues and providing clear responses or reports to our clients

Assets Management – Managing compliance, strategizing and supporting business or assets optimisation on behalf of our clients

Trusteeship – Owning and administering assets in trust for and on behalf of our clients

Leon Fernando del Canto

Barrister – Abogado

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