The media change is also a change in gender roles

The Director of Agencia Comunicación y Género participates in a conference on the use of gender perspective in the media.

The Cordoba Young Creation Festival “Eutopía 2016” has recently offered, as part of their discussion activities, a conference entitled “Gender Culture: communicating with gender perspective“. Participating in this conference was Isabel Mastrodomenico Lizarazo, General Manager of “Agencia Comunicación y Género”, a company client of Del Canto Chambers.

In the discussion, held at the headquarters of the Andalusian Youth Institute and moderated by the Professor of Civil Law at the University of Córdoba and Chairman of the Andalusian Ateneos Foundation, Antonio Manuel Rodríguez Ramos, were also present Elena Lázaro Real, journalist and scientific communicator, María José Martínez, journalist at SER Córdoba radio station and Lourdes Pastor Martínez, a sociologist, singer and feminist activist, who also gave a concert at the beginning of the event.

The debate was on how the media should treat current affairs from a gender perspective and cultural communication of issues that affect women. Despite the progress made, speakers concluded that society has not yet gotten rid of the patriarchy that dominates our media, politics and power structures. Only with unity, perseverance and awareness-raising initiatives starting from the bottom, can we overcome the glass ceiling that still grips women to this day.

According to the speakers, the most important step forward has been, despite its repeated non-compliance, the enactment of the Organic Law 3/2007 of 22nd March for the effective equality of men and women. However, they warn that it would be a mistake to just stay in the legal aspect of such issues. Therefore, for Isabel Mastrodomenico “it is not only about incorporating new laws in our legal system, but to ensure that through the networks of citizens and associations we continue to demand the enforcement of existent equality laws to our governments and institutions”.

As for the gender perspective in the media, it is these same structures that limit an appropriate non-discriminatory approach to women; coupled with the lack of education in journalism faculties, as stated by journalist Elena Lázaro. This perpetuates patriarchal dynamics in the media, that even female journalists are unaware or uneducated on how to properly handle this inclusive language, hence the necessity for raising awareness, on all social, educative and political levels.

Equality between men and women is one of the democracy warrants, as seen in the past we have already achieved such freedoms with other fundamental rights and freedoms, it is only the joint work and effort of men and women in civil society, from political parties, unions and companies, that can ensure that the full freedom between genders is no longer rhetoric, but rather a reality.

Gender equality is part of our corporate values

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