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cerise washington law clerk

Cerise Washington

Clerking Secretarial Services and Office Manager

Based in London

Cerise is usually the first point of contact for anyone contacting chambers. She has worked within the legal profession for a number of years, working at some of the best firms in London specialising in commercial law, media law, and international law. Her interests are International Law, Arab Law, and Human Rights.

Cerise’s magnetic personality, professional approach and rigorous standards in her work ensure that chamber’s clients are welcomed and their issues dealt with utmost confidence and speed.

Cerise has lived and worked extensively outside of the UK such as Dubai, Beirut, and Kuwait. She has worked in management and design for Ogilvy Dubai, Orbit Showtime Network Dubai, Dell Computers, and Porsche Middle East. Her ability to work with and relate to other cultures is unsurpassed. Throughout her 18 years of living in the Middle East, Cerise has acquired a keen understanding and appreciation of Middle Eastern values and their culture.

Cerise has a BA(Hons) in Graphic Design from Manchester University and a Diploma in Art History from Christie’s London. Cerise also works in her spare time as an artist, working from her studio in London.

  • London